Search Engine Marketing

Resources webmasters can use to improve their optimization techniques both onsite and offsite.

  • Now you can View your Site Stats in Real-Time 3D! – Web Stats in Video Game Format! Start Viewing Your Live Traffic in Ways You Never Imagined VisitorVille applies video game principles to help you easily visualize and better understand your web site traffic statistics. It’s easy: each building represents a web page; each bus a search engine; and each animated character a real visitor to your site! Just paste our tracking code into your web pages, then launch VisitorVille for Windows to analyze your stats and watch your traffic in real time.
  • Google Onebox Optimization Tips – Oneboxer is the online journal of Brian Mark, Internet 500 marketing guru. Oneboxer shows you how to increase pageviews and sales using The Google onebox space. With it, Brian has achieved added sales in the 7 figure area.
  • adgridwork – adgridwork is ‘The World’s First Free Advertising Network.’ Promote your website, blog or business on the Ad Network by helping to serve other users’ advertisements. Think Bittorent for Advertising!
  • RSS Marketing profits Make easy – RSS is a technology that has the potential of overcoming many of the internet marketing challenges we are facing today, RSS is becoming a strong daily content delivery vehicle.
  • Search Engine Marketing Success – Search engine optimization,social networking, web 2.0 are the hottest area of online traffic generation today. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the practice of getting your website visible on the major search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo
  • New Web 2.0 Secrets – How To Capitalize On The Blazing Fast Growth Of Web 2.0 Companies Like MySpace, Technorati, Digg And Others To Instantly Attract An Unlimited Supply Of New Prospects & Customers To Your Websites…. FOR FREE! You have social networking sites. Social bookmarking sites. Authority sites. Im sure youve heard some of their names before… Digg MySpace Technorati Squidoo Wikipedia Craigslist
  • SEO’s Best Toolbar – Free search engine frontend & browser add-on to help you search all over the internet from your web browser’s address bar (over 300 searchable resources from one tab)! Submit your web site to over 300 search engines with a free buitl-in addon SEO promotional tool for webmasters.
  • Zoobie TV – Features Zoobie’s reviews on different Internet Marketing products.
  • Sell SEO Domains – Webmaster marketplace for SEOs and general webmasters
  • Seo for Newbies – Small guide how to optimize your blog for search engines written for adult webmasters, but useful for mainstream as well
  • My Adsense Guide – Internet marketing tips by an online entrepreneur.
  • Keyword Research – Article by Robert Wright on keyword research. **Snippet:** Professional keyword research is the cornerstone of any true search engine marketing campaign…
  • Contextual Link Exchanging – Article by Dane Lyons on the importance of contextual links. **Snippet:** Writing web content is an excellent way to build passive income. An article can potentially pull visitors from search engines for years. Each targeted visitor is potentially worth more than $.003 from contextual ads alone…
  • SitePoint – Search Engine Optimization section of
  • Search Engine Placement Tips – Article by Dane Lyons on search engine placement. **Snippet:** This is more important than some people think. Each page should be w3c compliant. You should definitely use a unique title on every page. It is also a good idea to add unique descriptions and keywords…
  • Webmaster Talk – General SEO talk section of
  • Thread Watch – Aaron Wall’s SEO Blog.
  • Webmaster World – Great forum on search marketing and webmaster resources.
  • Search Engine Blog – Peter Da Vanzo’s SEO Blog.
  • Link Popularity – Article by Robert Wright on Link Popularity. **Snippet:** For years now, the importance of link popularity has increased…
  • Microsoft’s Vow – Blog on Microsoft’s vow to surpass Google within 6 Months.
  • SEO Speedwagon – Erik Dafforn’s SEO Blog.
  • Newspaper Advertising Tips – Affordable local advertising has never been easier than launching a newspaper advertising campaign in the classified ads section of your newspaper. Everyday, millions of people place classified ads in their local newspaper to sell a car, hire an employee, or sell real estate.
  • Small Business Resources Blog – Stop procrastinating, I know you have the 20 minutes a day needed to start your internet business.
  • SEO and Real Estate – How do we fit this puzzle? How can we relate a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service, which is an internet-based activity with the services offered by Real Estate firms, which caters to properties and land deals? Both are entirely different, well, until the Real Estate firms, decided to go ONLINE. And that’s where we find the synergy.

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