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  • Yedda – People. Sharing. Knowledge. – Yedda connects people looking for knowledge with people who have the knowledge. **Ask, Answer, Explore** Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Ask and get great answers from real people.
  • Vivisimo – Best cluster search site out there. More results than google everytime. 🙂
  • Exalead – audio, video, rss search results clustering, phonetic search, sites thumbs
  • Clusty – Clusty the Clustering Engine.
  • snap
  • Searchbots – Build your own search robot and send it out to search the world by tag, colour, mood and location.
  • Gigablast
  • Otavo – The Intention Engine – Search by Questing. Start a quest that interests you and have others join your quest and help you find and gather information faster. Quest for knowledge (Q&A), Quest for achievement (Task/Project tracking), Quest for order (Organize information).
  • Wink – Social search
  • Gravee – Social Search
  • Site Map Engine – Outune is a Web2.0 like service that allows to display the tree structure of a web space, showing title, absolute URL, used protocol, mimetypes, size and relation with the root url. It can be useful to extract a deeper map of a web site or web space. It can also generate a simple Google Sitemap in wml format.
  • Zemnix Metasearch – The most complete metasearch.
  • Mooter – Clustering Engine.
  • PreFound – PreFound – search what people have already found
  • flipnsearch – MetaSearch engine that allows you to save results to
  • Why is a Logo so Important to Your Business? – Well, a logo for your business. Why is it important? Does it matter what it looks like? Is Yours Professional?
  • Web 2.0 Search Engine – Simply search for a keyword of what your wish to make or work with to see the tools available (example search links: mashups, blogging, viral videos, clipart, designing, social tagging, AJAX apps, file storage/sharing, RSS feeds, anti-spam tools, CSS layout generators, image editors, webmaster tools, calculators, file conversions, blog (URL) submits, web APIs, tutorials, etc). Please submit sites you find useful relating to the topic “WEB 2.0”. Each accepted site recieves a Web2.0 award.
  • Comedy Search Engine (Official) – Over 10,000 funny and time wasting useless sites.
  • Canada Directory – 🙂
  • Find-For.US – **American domain names only for the initial search, then it portals out to other niche portals and customized searches.**
  • Multi Web Search – Multi Web Search site with 98 search engines, where you can search on four search engines at a time.
  • Webmunism Video Search – Video meta search engine with playback of videos direct from search results.
  • Traffic From Search Engines – The entire consulting industry is studying based on tweaking web pages to get themto the top of search engine results in the hope of capturing more traffic.
  • Lead2Amazon – Lead2Amazon searches book, music, DVD, etc. through Amazons. The output can include BibTeX, disc track, and related goods.
  • Dealing with an SEO specialist – Our SEO specialist has the required skills to up your bussiness in getting the web site to search engine rangking. make your site as valuable to the search user’s.
  • PicFindr: search the free-stock-photosphere – PicFindr finds photos and images you can use in your commercial (for money) projects. It searches several hand-picked free stock photo sites simultaneously and combines the results into a single page.
  • Be friendly to search engines – The object of search engines is to give their visitors a list of web pages relevant to the search words, in the order of relevance to the search words. So what do they want from websites?
  • Will You Site be a BIG SUCCESS. 7 Reasons Why it Might Not! – With so many new websites going up, it is hard sometimes to tell if your site will be a BIG SUCCESS or an unexpected flop? If you are unsure of whether or not your site will fly with visitors or crash and burn, this article is definitely for you.
  • Sparkl | The Web Designer’s Search Engine – ** A Search Engine Built Just For Web Designers. ** Search over 1400 web design resources to find answers to your questions. If you are a web designer, you’ll love Sparkl!
  • Mojacity – Bright lights, big city, the options are endless in Toronto. So much to do, so much to see, so much to eat and so much to live for that the choices can be overwhelming. This is where MojaCity comes in. We are a comprehensive database designed to let you explore dining, nightlife and apartment ideas. Menus, descriptions, pictures and much more are waiting for you. Take a peak!
  • Quintura – Visual search using a cloud of related words. It dynamically changes search results when you add/exlude a word to search query
  • ePrécis – The ePrécis Web site is an example of a new technology that creates abstracts from any text document. In this search implementation, web sites relevant to your search requests are analyzed by ePrécis and the results are returned to you in typical search format.
  • – Social bookmarking / Wiki-directory with Search.
  • Sir Seek’s Talking Search Engine – Many features from thesaurus to spell checker (tonnes of advanced search tools)! Free to submit your web site for instant URL inclusion! Try our free toolbar, it’s the best around and let’s you search or add links to over 300 top major search engines!
  • Med Checker (Not A Pill Selling Site) – Look up relevant information pertaining to your medical conditions or medications prescribed. This is not a portal that tries to sell you meds, it’s just a medical search engine. Many university EDU and actual medical websites from goverment sector. Many student doctor/nurse learning resources and reading material. Great way to look up your prescription drugs for side effects or common dosages (per weight/KG).
  • Max Spider – Instant URL Inclusion – Simple and easy to submit your website for free web promotion, instantly have your URL submitted! You page is cached in text format for advanced search techniques.
  • IceRocket – Search blogs, MySpace, Phone pics, and the web in general.
  • surch – very cool
  • Complore – Complore not only provides a huge online repository of bookmarks on it’s site but also various kind on lectures, papers, journals and articles. Should be a first choice for students and researchers.
  • Power Search The Search Engines – Search over 100 search engines from this one simple search page, type in one search term and it is readied on the top search engines (just click the desired links).
  • Crisis/Disaster Search Engine – Learn about natural and man made diasters. Ways of recovering after tradegy and ways to prevent death/injury by disaster planning. Please blog with your helpful ideas too. Make your own disaster plan and ready kit today, it could save lives (even your own)!
  • KartOO – Kartoo is a meta search engine which presents its results on a map. The found sites are represented by more or less important size pages, depending on their relevance.
  • less goo – Less-goo is a quick search resource with a very simple English interface.
  • edy Search Engine! – Thousands of links to humor and fun web sites, free to submit your favorite funny pages. Stuff like jokes, pranks (prank radio), funny songs, religious slurrs, stupid sites, time wasting, boredom killers, silly links, etc. Please add your favorite funny URLs to this database of comedy links.
  • How_to_STOP_Panic_Attacks_and_Anxiety_without_Medications_GUARANTEED!
  • Canada/Canadian Search Engine – A portal made by Canadians! Everything Canada from tourism to hunting/fishing! Everyone loves the friendly Canucks!
  • Grokker – Clustering search with circles
  • Homeless Search Engine – Use this free service at any library, search for helpful resources in the largest city closest to you! Tell others, poverty and low income people can benefit from this site too, not just for homelessness!
  • AlltheWeb Livesearch – We are testing a new search experience to make things faster and easier. Livesearch Beta provides real-time suggestions and instant search results as you type.
  • Windows Live Search – Windows Live Search beta gives you instant answers in search categories including news, maps, product and shopping information, items in academic journals, images and more. And you won’t have to click through dozens of pages to see your results—they’re all presented on one clean, easy-to-read page.
  • Kosmx – Vertical search portals with clusters

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