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Entrepreneurship is quickly becoming one of the most desired and sought after career paths. This list is a compilation of the best web resources for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners.

  • Internet Marketing Advisor – Resources of interest to Internet Marketers including IM Basics, Types of IM, IM Services, IM Websites, IM Advertising, IM Scams, IM Sales, IM Research, IM Techniques & IM Strategy.
  • American Inventor Spot – Focused on inventors and invention advice, along with latest news on the coolest inventions, innovations and ideas.
  • SEO Factor – These often overlooked factors are rather small, but in the world of internet marketing, every edge counts.
  • The Magic 3 Essentials Tool for Web Designer and SEO.. JUST THREE! – There are some other important tools you will need to utilize as well if you want to have ea successful website.
  • Home Based Business Ideas & Franchises – A growing collection of home based business ideas, business tips, and a home based franchise directory.
  • Web Site With Great Deal to you
  • – You’ve heard yourself say things like: I don’t have the time, I don’t have the money, I don’t have the education… I want to help you get to the point where you say “yes, I can do it!” Free wealth newsletter.
  • The Law of Attraction: A Comprehensive Guide – The ultimate geek tool. Use the Law of Attraction to get what you want in life, wealth, love, or peace!
  • Press Release as cost effective marketing tool – The best way of learning to write a top-notch press release is simply to read top-notch press release. In this way, you can gather the essential points in making a good one.
  • Web Design and Search Engine Optimization – It is a blog about web design and search engine optimization. Great web design and search engine optimization will give you traffic and give you better placement on SERPs.
  • Resources for Entrepreneurs at Gaebler Ventures – Hundreds of articles for entrepreneurs written by a serial entrepreneur.
  • Tips in Creating a Web Site That Builds Trust II Trusted Web Site II – Most people view organizations – and web sites – they don’t know with great skepticism. Given all the identity theft and viruses running around, people are understandably cautious and somewhat skeptical when they go to a new web site. What can you do?
  • Proadultoutsourcing – Internet Offshore Outsourcing Solutions – Proadultoutsourcing is the leading provider of Internet Offshore Outsourcing Solutions since 2003 for clients worldwide in need of various web related services. We offer you qualified IT professionals that will work and become one of your employees overseas via the Internet from our office instantly
  • Doing it yourself – Seeing websites online makes you wonder how these people, company and business go about having their own websites. The things that are put into these sites appear so complicated that you may think it takes a lot of time and knowledge to be able to go about having your own site.
  • Entrepreneur Strategy – Squidoo Lens on Entrepreneurship, resources, links and articles. Take the quiz to see if you have what it takes.
  • Online Marketing Advisor – Resources, articles and links of interest to entrepreneurs and online marketers.
  • Small Business Radio by Promethius Consulting, LLC – Business podcast and blog covering technology, ideas, books, software, websites all designed to feed your business brain.
  • TradePals – Free Sales Leads – TradePals provides free sales leads without cold calling to Entrepreneurs across North America
  • Entrepreneur’s Journey – Entrepreneur’s Journey. Yaro Starak an entrepreneur from Australia.
  • Entrepreneur Advisor – Lots of articles, links and resources of interest to entrepreneurs looking to start a business.
  • Stanford Technology Ventures Program – STVP’s Educators Corner is a free collection of entrepreneurship resources including podcasts, video clips, and presentations.
  • Go BIG Network – The BIGGEST network for STARTUP opportunities!
  • Daily Thoughts for Business Podcast – Offers a daily podcast of business tips, quotes, and ideas for entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • Business Performance Coaching – 400 + articles by a business coach.
  • Home Business Success Resources – Links, articles, ebooks and more for small business success.
  • The Startups and Entrepreneurship Spot – A collection of useful links and news articles around entrepreneurship.
  • Frank Team – The FRANK Team provide fun and innovative skills training, guest speakers and resources for young people and grown ups in the area of entrepreneurship and career passion. Our training hits the mark because we’re straight talkers, we speak from experience not textbooks, we’re genuine. We provide only the skills you need to know to make your [ideas, career, business] a reality. We work with schools, uni/colleges, corporates, community groups, councils, individuals, and government Australia-wide. Our trainers are all inspiring young entrepreneurs. Check out IGNITE – our free e-newsletter for enterprising young people, and FRANK – our ad-free diet-free and stupid-free magazine for young women.
  • – Many small businesses (all owned by one owner) will equal one decent income…
  • Entrepreneur Success Blog – MlM and Home business success blog
  • Brian – Invest In Yourself and Make It Happen – The purpose of this site is to provide you with free high quality articles on personal development for all levels of life, whether it is mental, physical, financial, or social, that you can use to invest in yourself, your greatest asset, and make your dreams come true.
  • Dave’s Free iPod Guide! Renovated! – Dave’s Free iPod Guide! Renovated! A comprehensive guide to getting a free iPod just to argue against all the free iPod skeptics out there. This site contains everything you want to know, including pictures of his free iPod. It also features step by step instructions, proof, and a free conga line to help you get started! Please visit for more details! Pics of his free iPod are on it too!
  • Steve Pavlina – Personal Development for Smart People.
  • Paul Graham Essays – Essays on starting a start up.
  • – Free graphic resources for webmasters : original web interfaces and templates, wallpapers, high definition tattoos, logos and Photoshop templates, backgrounds, buttons…and more
  • Signum sine tinnitu – by Guy Kawasaki – Guy Kawasaki is a managing director of Garage Technology Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm and a columnist for
  • Creating Passionate Users – About the brain and metacognition, most especially–how the brain works and how to exploit it for better learning and memory. Oh yeah, and how to recognize when someone else is applying brain-based techniques to get you to do something.
  • Business Opportunities Weblog – Opportunities, ideas, news, and links for small business entrepreneurs.
  • Escape From Cubicle Nation – How to go from corporate prisoner to thriving entrepreneur – by Pamela Slim
  • Entrepreneur Lens on Squidoo – Entrepreneur hub adding new material on a regular basis.
  • Small Business Brief – Providing small business resources, informative articles, current news, software directory and the small business ideas forum. Additionally offers a free weekly newsletter that caters to small business owners.
  • Seth’s Blog – Seth Godin’s riffs on marketing, respect, and the ways ideas spread.
  • – Practical Advice for Software Startups.
  • Small Business Branding – Advice for small business owners. Learn how to market and brand your business using online and offline techniques from Australian small business entrepreneur Yaro Starak.
  • Young Go Getter – Blog, forums, interviews, podcast, news and more on entrepreneurship (especially for young entrepreneurs)
  • My Adsense Guide – An internet marketing blog by an online entrepreneur.
  • 52 Reviews – Entrepreneurship, productivty, and GTD, oh, and books.
  • Wuraweb – Find Local Businesses and Services – Find Local Businesses’ exact prices, contacts, ratings and more. Also post your listing for FREE on
  • StartupNation – StartupNation is your source for small business advice – participate in our entrepreneur forum, get help starting a business, find resources to work from home.
  • Unusual Business Ideas That Work – Uncommon Business is a blog about people who make money online selling unusual, strange and sometimes bizarre things or provide curious services.
  • Paul Allen (the lesser) – Internet entrepreneur.
  • YE Blogger – World’s Largest Directory of Young Entrepreneur Blogs
  • Small Biz Survival – By and for small business people in rural areas and small towns.
  • Diamond Cut – Offers entrepreneurial advice for fitness professionals and others who want to grow a service business.
  • – Killer Resources for Entrepreneurs
  • Cinventure – Cincinnati’s resource for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners.
  • Singapore Entrepreneurs – A Singaporean Blog on Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital
  • – Showing you what others overlook.

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