Twitter Tools and Applications


A tweetwall lets you display only the tweets you’re interested in from everywhere on Twitter, use it to track hashtags, usernames, and keywords. The possibilities are up to you.


Graabr is an application and hosting service which uploads your screen to, with the option of sharing to social web sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc with just a few mouse clicks.


Listerine is a dedicated Twitter list-manager, for tweeple with a lot of contacts. In its default selection mode, simply drag a contact on to a List in order to add that contact to it. In its auto selection mode, you’ll need to set a List as ”active” by clicking that list’s TOGGLE button. You will then be able to add contacts to that active list simply by double-clicking on them.


Instead of being alerted whenever someone tweets something, with Listiti you can be alerted whenever someone belonging to a Twitter List of your choice tweets about something.


Tlists is a platform for media businesses, advocacy organizations, research firms and subject-matter experts of all kinds to efficiently leverage Twitter Lists.


Twitter’s new Lists feature allows anyone to curate the real time web. Listorious makes it easy to find the best lists of Twitter users on any given topic, and for list creator to publicize their lists


At its surface, dailyRT is a tweet aggregator that gathers the most popular tweets on twitter and displays them using their own scoring algorithm and numerous filters.


pixavid is free image sharing site that allows you to easily upload a picture and share it on social net working sites such as Facebook, Digg, Reddit, Twitter, Stumbleupon and more, or embed it in a message board or blog.


Tweetiator alerts users in real time when people share links to their content on Twitter, and lets them follow and communicate each other.


Kazle allows you to update both your Facebook and Twitter status at the same time then also view Feeds from both of these networks.


Tinker helps you stay on top of your favorite events by showing you the latest buzz from Twitter and across the social web. Create or follow an event stream by choosing a keyword and you’ll be the first to hear.


Blurtt is a simple and easy to use online interface that lets you send real, printed postcards with your handwriting to your friends anywhere in the world. The best part is you don’t even need to know your friend’s addresses to send a postcard to them. As long as they are on Facebook or Twitter, or even have an email address, it’s easy to send them a message on a real postcard that has real emotional impact, as its something that arrives to them in a physical form.


Taweet is a Twitter application that allows people and businesses to streamline promotional scheduling for events, product launches, lifecasting and more. Taweet is focused on promoting the topics of your Future Tweets (FT) up until they occur to create buzz or to share with friends.

swift helps you discover and enjoy new music guided by the most qualified people around – your friends. do this to help you find new music to purchase, shows to attend and actively support artists and their labels.


Gelato is real-time search meets online dating. Instead of looking at static, carefully-crafted profiles, you are looking at a real-time stream of what people are actually doing. More authenticity means better dating connections. We do this by pulling in a users’ data from Facebook, Twitter ,Netflix, and other social media to quickly and easily create a dynamic, multi-faceted online dating profile.


Moomeo allows people to share emails. Simple as that. Just send an email to Moomeo service email address, receive a Moomeo link to you email back, and share it on Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere online.


Twinester lets you create or join groups and communities for Twitter and interact with one another twitter users of similar interest. In this particular case, groups are known as ”nests” which symbolizes the many people in a particular community. You can either create groups or browse them by categories such as ‘Business’, ‘Lifestyle’, ‘Entertainment’, ‘Technology’, ‘Internet’, etc. The landing page also displays the hottest nests, recent and last users.


Brizzly is a way to view content from the social web. Right now, you can view enhanced content from Twitter in a clear, simple way. Brizzly plan to include other social media in the future.


ThankfulFor is your personal gratitude journal. It’s also a collective gratitude journal, for all of us. Because the more gratitude floating around this universe, the better.


Thoora puts the spotlight the news worth talking about by exploring more than 80 million blogs and 4,500 mainstream media sources and Twitter.


Moonit is your online destination for relationship compatibility and guidance. Moonit created a tool that produces short, easy-to-digest advice for use ”on the go” and ”in the field.” To make your lives even easier, Moonit integrated the tool with Facebook and Twitter and made it accessible across mobile devices.


TipTopSM is a real-time search tool helping people find interesting and useful answers to their questions, filtered from conversations people are currently sharing on Twitter. It is based on the idea that people should have a simple way to share their everyday experiences with others who are interested in learning from them without searching the entire Internet.


DooID is your Web 2.0 business card with e-mail signature. Get your own design, evaluate your networks (like Twitter, Facebook, etc.), interests & services and decide who may see what.


Favstar tracks what you, your friends, and everyone else is favoring on Twitter.


Tweetvite makes it easy to create invitations for events you’re hosting or to find local Tweetups in your area.


Chances are you’ve got a bunch of profiles all over the internet: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FriendFeed…Plus you might have a blog or a YouTube channel and some pictures on Flickr. Put all those sites together, and that’s YOU on the internet.


TwitRes lets you share resume/cv on Twitter. Simple. Login with your Twitter account, upload your resume and tweet your resume link – Simple as that.


With hundreds of millions of web sites, it’s impossible for you to follow and read every single blog and web site to catch up on the hottest giveaways out there. Freezly answers the question ”What’s free on the Internet?” Freezly aggregates giveaways found on Twitter so that you, the Internet user, can simply pick and try to win whatever giveaways interest you.


With Pockets, you can leave a voicmail message for anyone on Twitter and they’ll be notified via @reply.

rtwetme allows users to shorten, share, and track links (URLs). It is a simple service with one goal, easy shortening and easy analysis.


We Are Hunted discovers the most popular 99 songs in the world right now. The charts are designed to reflect what music people are really listening not just record sales. We Are Hunted continuously crawl the web sampling music news, blogs, Twitter, Forums, MySpace, YouTube, iTunes, Facebook, Last FM, ilike, Bit Torrent, Mininova and more.


Tweeterview allows for real time twitter interviews using a web interface. Viewers can watch the tweeterview in real time without even being a twitter user, or read the transcript afterward.


Now you can create screencasts for your followers as easily as you tweet. Just click the record button and you’ll have your ready-to-tweet screencast in seconds.


Avartize gives you, the Twitter user, the option to easily pimp your profile picture, also known as your avatar. Set your state to ”busy”, tell your friends you’re on fire – or let everybody know you are out taking in that special event. You also have the option to create your own overlays, so people can pimp their avatar with your artwork

chips , a way for users to tweet audio clips. These audio clips can come in a variety of forms – whether it is something you recorded, i.e. your own voice, sounds from an event, a question you pose to your twitter followers; an audio clip you found on the Internet, or an audio file you’d like to upload from your computer.


Snapatar lets you update your Twitter profile picture using your webcam. Simply snap a picture, fill out your Twitter details and send the new image to Twitter. You can do this as often as you like. Your creativity is the limit.


ChatterBox allows you to monitor Twitter conversations that matter to you. Whether it is a list of interesting keywords or specific user handles, ChatterBox can centralize that information into a common dashboard that individuals and teams can leverage to manage and respond to those conversations.


Tunein builds a channel from all the media (articles, videos, photos and soon, audio) recommended by the people you follow. You can sort it by popularity or recency, and filter it by media type. You can build groups from the people you follow. You can also look at other people’s channels, not just your own. So, you can browse the tweet streams and media channels of other people simply by clicking on them.

rt provides a simple interface for shortening URLS and retrieving basic stats. It also provide a Bookmarklet for easy posting, and an open API.


With iWise, a user can search thousands of quotations from different personalities and share them through the site, via Twitter or with an iPhone app.


Make your tiny portfolio online in which you’ll be able to integrate your networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), a little about you and how to contact you. Choose between many nice skins and features.


With you can tweet what you eat, and share recipes and restaurants with other foodies. Think: TwitPic, for food.


Imj.Tw(eet) is a free service for Twitter & Facebook users providing secure image hosting and sharing. All you need is a Twitter or Facebook account to begin.


Automated feeds for your Twitter stream. Boost your Twitter personality: broadcast your interests, and add followers.


BingTweets combines Twitter trends with Bing search results, enabling you to see deeper, real-time information about the hottest topics on Twitter. You can also search for anything in the BingTweets search box (at the top right of every page) and see Bing search results alongside the most recent related tweets.


TwitPaint lets you paint graffiti and post it on Twitter. Make graffiti in 140 strokes or less and share with your followers.


CamTweet lets you share live video on Twitter. If you have a Twitter account then you already have a CamTweet account, just login to CamTweet with your Twitter username and password and you are all set.

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