Free Image Tools

These four free downloadable applications are designed to make handling your photos and videos easier and more effective.

Photo viewer: Whether you want to view TIFF pictures, MOV videos, or Flash animations, IrfanView is an indispensable freebie. Bonus: It includes a healthy array of photo-editing tools, too.

Image organizer: If your hard drive is littered with photos scattered across various locations, Fotobounce will round them up, organize them, and give you an easy way to share them with your friends.

Power editor: For most nonprofessionals, Adobe Photoshop is expensive overkill. is jam-packed with powerful photo-editing features, and it’s free.

Magic eraser: Who’s the weirdo standing behind Aunt Marge in that Disneyland photo? (No, it’s not Uncle Fred.) Get rid of the interloper with PhotoWipe, a tool that lets you mark any object in a picture and automatically erase it without a trace.

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