Do You Need A Web 2.0 Website Make-Over?



Now that nonprofits are really getting hip to web 2.0 — encouraging a two-way conversation with constituents, yielding some control of their message to gain bigger and better results, and getting engaged in social networks to expand and enlarge their bases — a lot of us are also looking into shaking up our old websites to reflect these changes.

Maybe you want to rebrand your website just to send the message that you’re using technology in new and exciting ways, to broadcast the fact that there’s new content being created, and not all of it is by you and your marketing director anymore.

Maybe you’re cool with your website, but you’re finding it hard to integrate your newly found web 2.0 tools — does your current website allow you to easily embed YouTube videos? To draw attention to new blog posts and comments? To feature your members’ latest contributions to your Flickr group?

So what does a really well-designed, web 2.0-ready nonprofit website look like?

Check out this excellent checklist from Kivi Leroux Miller, good for evaluating any nonprofit’s homepage. The list covers all the basics: navigation, SEO, online donations, and more. If you’re not hitting all these notes, all the blogging in the world might not help.

Any suggestions, ideas? Feel free to comment on this article!

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