Why is Hostgator a Better Host?

A good website host is needed by every online entrepreneur, it’s no surprise that finding out the best website host is of paramount importance. For that reason, a search for the best website host is always an on-going process. It’s like looking for treasure with no sure location of the pot of gold. Here however, I will try to separate the good from the chaff and the bad from the ugly.

So what is the difference between great and mediocre (or bad) website hosts? Well the differences are always minutiae but sometime ‘’bad’’ is always bad. Below are 3 elements that make a good website host – If you host doesn’t provide these three, I am afraid you have to change providers NOW.

• Before you set up your website, find out if the host will provide you with any security features. A good host will equip you with tools to secure your site. This might include features such as SSL certificates, which provide a secure path between your website and a visitor’s browser, preventing their information from being stolen.
• Make sure they have 24 hours a day customer care support. For premium hosting, this availability should be 24/7/365 because your business is dependant on your host and you shouldn’t accept nothing less.
• This is utmost important, when choosing a website host, make sure that any downtime maintenance is kept to a minimum and ascertain exactly how you’ll be compensated if your site is down. Remember if your website is down for too long, you might lose your Google ranking and once lost – It is a long way down.

Why Hostgator?

That is not a question – To start off, I have recently found out that Hostgator are offering a cocktail of Hostgator coupons for 2014 to new and some existing customers. I have highlighted just a few below to give you an idea.

• 25VERIFIED – You get 25% off on all hosting Plans.
• PENNYWISE – You get first month hosting at just 1 cent! Almost free!!
• ResellerOffers – “ResellerOffers” this Hostgator coupon gives you $24.94 off on all HostGator reseller Packages.

Simply enter any of the above coupon code while signing up and you will get the benefits, there are so many offers and all Hostgator coupon codes are available online.

Without going into a lot of details, earlier this year DailyHostNews reviewed HostGator’s web hosting packages and gave the company an overall “A+” grade for the sales process, client support, package features and usability. The company has some of the competitive packages on the market. There are not the cheapest provider out there but they give you value for money with a 45 day money back guarantee. Website hosting needs to be approached as a long term service rather than a monthly subscription, and as your business grows, you should always choose your server partners with great care, Hostgator offers a sense of security because it’s a seasoned company. They deal with customers with utmost cares and their technical staff are nothing but exceptional. Contrary to this, Hostgator is the only Green Web Hosting Company I know – If there others then I will widen my research but for now, it’s only Hostgator.

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