Weekly Photo Challenge – Gone But Not Forgotten

Today’s Weekly Photo Challenge from The Daily Post is called Gone But Not Forgotten. I captured this cute little guy with my iPhone 5s and a product called SquidCam. It has a four lenses that attach to the SquidCam iPhone case. The lenses include 2in1 180 iPhone Fisheye lens + 15x macro lens and 2in1 2x iPhone wide angle lens + 10x macro lens. I used the 15x macro lens for this shot. Unfortunately I lost the 15x macro lens so it is Gone But Not Forgotten!!  Please click on the image to view it larger.




Not to shabby for a iPhone photo right? I guess I also owe credit to the SquidCam 15x macro lens…. 🙂

Any suggestions, ideas? Feel free to comment on this article!

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  1. Laura

    Not shabby in the slightest! What a great shot, it’s so detailed. You’ve just reminded me that I’ve got some little lenses for my iPhone and I don’t think I’ve ever tried using them, I shall have to dig them out.

  2. janet

    Nice! I take a lot of macros with my phone as well and am just looking into other lens as possible Christmas gifts for me. 🙂


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