Top Ten Websites For Designers

What makes a successful website? For some of us, this is an ongoing question we revisit often. As technology evolves and impacts the ways users engage with design and new media, it’s our job to stay up to speed with the latest trends and developments on the web. Here at HOW, art director Adam Ladd surveys the web’s best sites each month, looking for emergent patterns along with proven design elements that are reshaping our ideas of “good design.” We’ve curated the latest “Top 10″ for you below, showcasing typography as a top trusted design tool, and forward-thinking websites like The Grid.



1. Webstock 2015

A web conference event site that makes use of strong and distinct typography and copywriting to set the theme.


2. State Plates Project

An attempt to change the typically mundane state license plate designs, with contributions from people like Aaron Draplin and Bethany Heck.


3. TDC Type Competition

This site for the Type Directors Club competition intrigues the viewer with minimal shapes and reduced colors that move and interact.


4. Inspirograph

Nathan Friend created an online replica of an old throwback drawing toy for you to play with.


5. Kyle Read Can Work

Kyle Read showcases some of his design and illustration skills with this almost infographic style layout with a ball that moves throughout.


6. AIGA Eye on Design

The first thing that catches you is the simple blinking eye animation. Simple geometric shapes and clean type make for a pleasant and informative site.


7. The Grid

Described as “AI websites that design themselves,” The Grid is taking a dramatic new approach to publishing content on the web.


8. Type Genius

A tool to find type matches by selecting a “starter font” which then yields results with potential good pairings to other typefaces.


9. Design Beats

A daily handpicked selection of content from a directory of more than 700 sites specialized in design from around the globe.


10. DesignersMX

An invite-only website that allows artists to create custom cover art to accompany a finely curated playlist of songs pulled from Spotify, SoundCloud and Rdio.


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