A Couple Of New Features In Photoshop CC


Photoshop CC 2015.1

Artboard improvements

Enhanced in this release of Photoshop CC

Artboards are much easier to work with in this release of Photoshop CC.

  • Quickly add new artboards to a document by clicking the intuitive + icons alongside a selected artboard. Option/Alt+click to duplicate the selected artboard.

Quickly add artboards to the canvas
Quickly add artboards to the canvas

  • Use guides and grids to precisely place elements within an artboard. With an artboard selected, drag guides from the ruler to the canvas. These guides now move with the artboard. When you duplicate the artboard, the associated guides are duplicated as well.
  • Filter layers in the Layers panel by artboard.
  • Align selected layers within an artboard.
  • Quickly dissolve an artboard into its constituent elements.
  • Lock the position of an artboard on the canvas.
  • Prevent auto-nesting into or out of an artboard.
  • Specify your preferred artboard matte color and border type. Select Preferences > Interface > Appearance > Artboards.

Art Preferences







For more information, see Artboards

Improvements to Creative Cloud Libraries integration

Enhanced in this release of Photoshop CC

Find content faster by searching across your libraries and across Adobe Stock. Drag and drop assets to and from the Layers panel, add your favorite brushes, and share your library with others.

For more information, see Creative Cloud Libraries in Photoshop.

New Document From Library













Create a new library from assets contained in a document

Design Space (Preview) enhancements

Enhanced in this release of Photoshop CC

Enhancements to Design Space (Preview) in this release further streamline and optimize design workflows with the following enhancements:

  • A unified sampling experience
  • Efficient masking
  • Robust app and cross-document search
  • Integrated layer and batch export.

Design Space (Preview) now also offers access to Creative Cloud Libraries as well as seamless movement to and from standard Photoshop CC.

For more information, see Design Space (Preview).

Oil paint filter

Reintroduced in this release of Photoshop CC












Transform an image into a classic oil painting

The Oil Paint filter, reintroduced in this release of Photoshop CC, lets you quickly give an image the visual appearance of a classic oil painting.

Select Filter > Stylize > Oil Paint.

For more information, see Use the Oil Paint filter.

Touch workspace and gestures

Enhanced in this release of Photoshop CC









If you own a Photoshop-supported Windows-powered device, such as the Surface Pro, you can use these convenient touch gestures while using Photoshop on it:

  • Two-finger pan
  • Two-finger pan and zoom
  • Two-finger pan and rotate
  • Five-finger cycle screen mode
  • Two-finger reset or restore view
  • Two-finger step back in history (Undo)
  • Two-finger step forward in history (Redo)
  • Three-finger history scrub
  • Two-finger free transform (Pan, zoom, and rotate)

For more information, see Touch capabilities and customizable workspaces.

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