10 Amazing Photos Of Last Year


Millions of photographs are taken each year. But finding that “perfect” one is almost impossible. This post is just to share a few of the most amazing photographs of 2015.

1. A winter fairy tale scene in Siberia.



2. Aerogel — the lightest solid material on our planet made of 99.9% air.



3. An opal which appears to contain the first rays of dawn.



4. New York looks like a circuit board at night.



5. A ’’Battleship’’ armadillo in safety mode.



6. Footprints carved into the floorboards over time by a monk who has prayed in the same spot for 20 years.


7. This is a zebroid — a mix of a zebra and a pony.



8. Velcro under a microscope.



9. The cleanest and clearest water in the world, Melissani Lake, Greece.



10. A bridge over a frozen river.


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