Creative Tools To Make Your Mouth Water

Over the years I have posted the importance of using a beautiful color palette both in website creation as well as other creative projects. One of my favorite site’s that I LOVE called COLOURlovers, offers all types of beautiful tools to help you get the most out of your own creative process. I have listed a few of them here for your inspiration.

First up we have the Palettes section. There are millions of palettes available for you to download. You have to be a member but it’s free! 🙂


Melon Ball by Skyblue2u

Giant Goldfish by manekineko


la selfi y el feisbu by tvr

Tocris by driftmgmt

Newly Risen Moon by Steph6

Hymn For My Soul by faded jeans

The First Raindrop by Skyblue2u

Miaka by GlueStudio

Now we are moving onto a list of 10 free patterns to choose from. There are just over 5,000,000 seamless patterns to choose from.


0479 by as warning

Navaho by miice

sucks you in by technicolorrr

S u n n yS i d eU p by albenaj

demeter’s sadness by tiki

Stained Glass Garden by praxicalidocious

I’ll keep you warm ? by GabsGiggles

she sells seashells by foSho

mysterious sunshine by sugary

Yes Please by dss358

For the last but certainly not least section of free creative tools available on COLOURlovers we come to the free shapes for use in Photoshop.

May Heart is by mayadhika

Smexy is by DXIIIG

Penka_shape_02x by e-lenka-penka

Skull by hazelandagnes

flower by ❤

G3 by GabsGiggles

Butterfly by Jennafire

Splatter by evilgrin

fish by niagirl

finished lotus by HeringDevotee

Obviously this list is but a mere fraction of the downloadable items on COLOURlovers. If you like another particular item on the site please let me know in the comments!!

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